seamless 3D assembly


Seamless assembly today

Seamless assembly today

Seamless assembly has been replacing the former technology of “stitched seams”, but the revolution was not yet complete. That is, until today.

Hitherto, seamless technology was limited when it comes to 3D assembly. It was usually obtained with standard 2D presses equipped with complementary 3D models, a solution with two main limitations.

  • It was very hard to obtain two matching 3D models, often resulting in non-homogeneous fit.
  • Even if the two models did match, it was still impossible to obtain completely homogeneous pressure on the textile: 2D presses work in a single direction while a true 3D assembly would require a variable pressure vector orthogonal at all times to the surface of the textile. Therefore, presses available to date could only guarantee assembly of almost flat surfaces and it was technically impossible to reach a 90° angle variation. Imagine a collar that requires a range of almost 360°.

But this was the past.



Innovative solution for 3D assembly

The Cling-o-matic® solution is a patented technology (Patent no. 102015000037266), which solves these problems with a new concept: the flaps are positioned on a single 3D support and pressure is exerted by the atmospheric pressure and transferred through a flexible element in a perfectly even and controlled manner.

Atmospheric pressure is used at 99.5% through a vacuum generation system, obtaining an adhesion pressure of around 1kg/cm2, equivalent to the most powerful flat presses.


A mathematical model for 3D assembly

The shape of the support is calculated by proprietary software. Currently available software tools do not offer solutions that can handle surfaces that are flat and flexible, but not extensible, and bend them to match in a 3D space.

Our software is a program in which it is possible to input flat shapes with any outline, even complex, with variable radii of curvature and reversals of curvature, and composes two of these curves in the 3D space, as long as they have the same total length, according to an angle of incidence that can be varied as required, but which is constant for the whole of the coupling profile.


Customized supports

Supports are developed thanks to our proprietary software and can be custom made to match any design requirement. They offer an easy technique of textile placement to guarantee the quality of the final product.

  • Every support can be optimised to fit a wide range of sizes.
  • Every support can be replaced in a few seconds (bayonet fitting).
  • Every support can be supplied in a few working days thanks to our rapid-prototyping technique applied in the calculation of the curved shape.



A perfect assembly

The quality of garments assembled with Cling-o-matic® is guaranteed by:

  • heating concentrated along the edges of the two textile parts: the heat is calibrated to first soften and then melt the glue;
  • vacuum that allows the atmospheric pressure to cause the garment to be assembled to cling to the flexible element, generating a strong and constant pressure on the parts to be assembled;
  • cooling phase while the garment is still in position and under pressure, allowing the glue to polymerize in its final shape with no spring-back.

No more irregular expansions, no more segmented or superficial sealing of the parts to be assembled: with Cling-o-matic® the garment is assembled in 3D and on the whole segment of the curve, offering greater coupling strength while accurately following the curve or rotundity of the model.

* The tensile strength test on the seal, carried out on a laminated fabric, reached a value of 29.42 kg/cm2 before tearing of the fabric.

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